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How to Buy Bulk Kratom at KratomFans


How to place an order for mass kratom at KratomFans.com is quite easy for you or the person closest to you. You can simply access our website, namely KratomFans.com and select the Kratom Product menu and click “Shop”. You will be taken to the contents page of Kratom products, there you will see a variety of Kratom products that we have. Please note that the minimum order is 2 kg, why is that?
Because the shipping service we use requires delivery of at least 2 kg for export and 1 kg for local shipping in Indonesia.

After you choose the product you want, then try clicking “add to cart”, but if you want to read the properties of each type of kratom product then you please click “more info”. If you have clicked on “add to cart” then you have to click “checkout” on the left side of the website, then you will then be taken to your personal data filling page such as the name and address of the kratom package delivery.

Fill in your personal data correctly on this page, if you enter your personal data incorrectly, then your package will be lost / incorrect shipping address. But if you know that your data is wrong then immediately send us an email. If you have entered your personal data correctly on the contents of the page then you will then have to choose what payment method you want (position under your personal data).

The payment methods we receive include:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union / MoneyGram
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • TransferWise

After that, you just click “Place Order” at the bottom. If you experience difficulties in ordering Kratom on our website or you want to first negotiate prices then you can simply send us an email or message on WhatsApp. We will help you as soon as we receive your message.


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